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Teaching materials are an integral part of a music teacher's practice. Every month Music Teacher publishes downloadable materials for KS3, 4 and 5, offering complete units of work, GCSE and A Level set-work guidance, and practical ideas across all levels for both classroom and peripatetic teachers. All materials are written by experienced teachers and examiners and provide indispensable content for your teaching.

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Steve Reich

Secondary education KS 3 KS 4 Archive

Author: David Ashworth

The activities covered in this resource can be adapted for use across all key stages in secondary schools. They are particularly relevant for supporting GCSE and A level study and, indeed, most...

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Rachmaninov's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

Secondary education IB Archive

Author: Jonathan James

This is one of the two set works chosen by IB for assessment from 2020, and it allows students to approach many different concepts and themes: Romanticism and Rachmaninov's place as the ‘last great...

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Homework at KS3

Secondary education KS 3 Archive

Author: Jane Werry

Homework can be a valuable means of covering some of the factual knowledge about music that you want to bring into your lessons. By covering some of this in advance through homework tasks, you're...

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Soul music

Secondary education KS 3 KS 4 KS 5

Author: David Ashworth

In this resource, we look at – or, rather, listen to – the musical crossovers between soul and rock/pop music, consider the importance of backing vocals in soul music, and how instruments are used in...

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Getting started with Cubase Elements 10: part one

Secondary education KS 3 Archive KS 4

Author: James Manwaring

This resource is designed to provide an introduction to Cubase Elements. Cubase software has various levels, and this is the entry-level version. It's an affordable piece of software for most schools,...

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Haydn's Symphony No. 94 ‘Surprise’

Secondary education IB

Author: Hanh Doan

Haydn's ‘Surprise’ Symphony is one of the International Baccalaureate's prescribed works for 2020-2021 and will feature in the listening paper. Students will have to answer questions about the...

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AQA AoS4: Orchestral music of Copland

Secondary education KS 4

Author: Jonathan James

Picture the following Hollywood scene: a hero has fallen, and a faded Stars and Stripes flutters in the breeze as we remember their act of sacrifice for their country. What underscore do you hear?...

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AQA AoS1: The Requiem of the late-Romantic period

Secondary education KS 4 Archive

Author: Hanh Doan

This resource will give a brief overview of the context of the late-Romantic Requiem, followed by detailed analysis of some extracts from three key works.

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Activities for the summer holidays

Secondary education KS 3 KS 4 KS 5 Archive

Author: Anna Gower

This resource is a collection of ideas for holiday activities for students at KS3, 4 and 5. Some of these are based on the Listings Resource that can be found in the second half of the article. This...

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OCR A level AoS5: Programme music

Secondary education KS 5 Archive

Author: Jonathan James

Teaching programme music should be the fun bit. It's where music is at its most descriptive and vivid, with an obvious narrative that offers an ideal launch point into the exploration of so many core...

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